WordPlay VR

A Puzzle Game in Vr

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Every year, 50-68% of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) experience one or more falls related to walking. As a result, many clinical interventions have emphasized walking training such as obstacle negotiation. However, multiple clinics encounter limitations where dynamic walking environments are difficult to simulate in a clinical setting. This game, in an immersive virtual reality setting, offers the player an opportunity to attend a rehabilitation session without actually giving him/her the notion of being in one. The main idea behind the game is to provide the player with an opportunity to perform several types of exercise in the game in a manner that trains his/her afflicted muscles. These exercises will help develop his motor-system to function better and eventually lead him to a path of recovery from the dreaded disease. Users experience a wide range of dynamic environmental challenges during walking.


The game may be enjoyed by players aged 55 or more. It may be entertaining for all audiences such as kids/adults who have a penchant for gaming/ VR GAMES or even the gaming fledglings. But our target age population is older adults with PD who have walking impairments. The game can be used in a local clinic as well.


Requires an open physical space of approximately 4m by 4m.
Does not require much game literacy or previous gaming/VR experience.
Easy to play.
Not gender specific.
Difficulty Increases with each level.
Augmented in-game feedback to the player.
Remotely controlled levels and scenarios by the therapist via a tablet.


The player tries to solve an arcade-mode of word puzzles by selecting a genre of choice; where he/she must fill a word with letters and the word needs to be completed by selecting the alphabets scattered across the space. The user has a fixed time limit that is set by the technician based on the users current level and expertise.

Play Mechanic, Objective

The player moves around in the space trying to select 3-D alphabets that will complete the word and solve the puzzle. The main goal of the player in arcade-mode is to solve all the puzzles in the given time for the level. A timer keeps track of the time spent inside the level.

Some More Features

Obstacles: The player needs to step over or around the obstacles.
3D alphabets/digits: The player needs to pick these.
Time: It is set for each level.
Points: For each correct alphabet that the user puts in the correct container the user gets points. And there is an overall score as well